Mirror Lake State Park, WI Kayaking

Without a doubt, Mirror Lake State Park kayaking offers some of the best recreational paddling opportunities in the Madison-Dells area in terms of scenery, convenience, and overall experience. Kayaking at Mirror Lake offers scenic views of bluffs and cliffs overhanging the river-like fingers of the lake. This destination is great for beginners as the kayaking is very mild and easy on flat Stillwater as the name “Mirror Lake” would suggest. Having your own equipment is not necessary, as the park has a kayak rental facility. You can squeeze this paddle into a full day family trip itinerary while on vacation or as part of a camping trip with friends. It is easy-going fun that does not disappoint.

Mirror Lake Kayaking

Mirror lake kayaking options include three stretches of “fingers” of the lake, with the two west and north fingers being the most scenic options. Put in your own boat, raft (and maybe a floating cooler if you feel inclined) at the official boat landing near the beach area. From here you can go one of three ways, left (south) which will bring you to the beach and then taper off in depth to almost a swamp (not recommended) or go straight across and follow the narrow, creek-like finger of the lake past scenic bluffs. Feel free to get out and explore a bit (don’t forget to tie off your boat). After returning from this “finger” of the lake, proceed to go north of the put in and pass the Ishnala Supper Club, as well as paddle under the I-90 overpass. The overpass travels high and it is quite the view to see trucks and vehicles whiz by quickly, but continue on to see the most scenic bluffs to the north. There are a few options to temporarily stop and rest but keep in mind this stretch of the lake includes some private properties and rental cabins. At a certain point you will reach a spillway/dam structure and portage, some prefer to portage and continue to Lake Delton or just end the trip and turn around here (definitely don’t attempt to paddle near the dam) The area past the dam, other than a few more bluffs becomes more urbanized and tapers off, so if you came here for bluffs this is about the extent of them.

Mirror Lake Kayak Rental

Mirror Lake State Park offers kayak rentals near the boat launch. This makes squeezing this into a day trip itinerary very convenient, or if you want to try a different style craft like a paddleboard, you can check these items out here as well.

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