Midwest Kayaking

The midwest has kayaking of all flavors. While there are many flatwater, pond, and lake opportunities for a peaceful paddling or fishing opportunity, adventure-seekers can enjoy some of the river and creek runs, including whitewater opportunities as well as open water sea-kayaking adventures on the big Lake Michigan or Lake Superior.

Illinois Kayaking

Illinois has a few rock and ice climbing opportunities interspersed throughout the state. Areas include traditional climbing and sport climbing opportunities. 

Northern Illinois

Stillwater – Lakes, Ponds

DuPage Rivers

Rock River

Apple River Canyon

Central Illinois Kayaking

Vermillion River

Wisconsin Kayaking

Wisconsin has plenty to offer for kayaking, from calm lake and pond stillwater kayaking, river and creek kayaking, and whitewater. 

Southwestern Wisconsin

Trempelaeu River

Western Wisconsin

Kinnikinick River

South Central Wisconsin

Dells Area Kayaking

Mirror Lake State Park


Minnesota Kayaking

Minnesota offers some unique kayaking opportunities, from rocky, riffling and whitewater runs, to peaceful meandering creeks and sea kayaking on Lake Superior

Southeastern Minnesota

Mississippi River Headwaters

St. Croix River

Northern Minnesota


Lake Superior

North Shore Paddling