Devil's Lake State Park, WI Rock Climbing

Within a few hour’s drive of Madison, WI, Chicago, and Minneapolis, Devil’s Lake State Park offers excellent rock climbing opportunities for new climbers and challenges skilled climbers alike. The unique Baraboo quartzite cliffs are a geologic anomaly for the midwest, which is typically composed of sandstone, limestone, and basalt formations. The rock is hard, glassy, and jagged – offering a unique climbing opportunity and skills challenge. Many of the climbing areas are above the forest below, offering unique views and exposure as well. Check out our Quick Guide >>

Starved Rock State Park Ice Climbing

Starved Rock offers a unique opportunity for midwest adventure – hiking in the spring to catch waterfalls or the multiple colors in the fall, as well as winter Ice Climbing! See the quick guide for what you need to know about Starved Rock State Park ice climbing >>

Michigan Ice Climbing, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The Midwest premiere ice climbing destination. Almost a hundred unique climbs are to be had here, from beginner front country ice climbing to serious, noteworthy tall backcountry ice climbs. Check out our Quick Guide >>

Mirror Lake State Park, WI Kayaking

Mirror Lake State Park kayaking offers some of the best recreational paddling opportunities in the Madison-Dells area in terms of scenery, convenience, and overall experience. Kayaking at Mirror Lake offers scenic views of bluffs and cliffs overhanging the river-like fingers of the lake. Check out our Quick Guide >>

Wyalusing State Park, WI Ice Climbing

Nestled in the far south-west corner of Wisconsin, Wyalusing State Park ice climbing is a hidden gem for climbers coming from Madison, Chicago, or the Twin-Cities. Ice climbing is split up between the park proper, and the nearby property known as The Quarry. Check out our Quick Guide >>

Kankakee River State Park, IL Fly Fishing

Kankakee River State Park, IL fishing is certainly unique to the Chicagoland area in terms of scenery and topography. The park features limestone and dolostone rock outcrops abutting parts of the Kankakee River proper, and all along Rock Creek. Fishing for trout and smallmouth at Kankakee River State Park can be the pure frustration for the impatient beginner, and the most rewarding for the careful, thoughtful angler due to the unique characteristics of this stretch of water. Read our Quick Guide >>