Mountain Climbing for Beginners - Know Your Budget

Mountain climbing is becoming more and more popular in our country and, with a bit of exaggeration, a shout from a fan could be paraphrased in the form: "He who does not climb is not American!" It may seem exaggerated, but it is not far from the truth.

But what to buy if you want to start climbing? Let's try to look at what you shouldn't miss and how much money do you need to buy all of this stuff.

Complete introduction

As with any other sport, investing in basic sports equipment, clothing and footwear will "cost you something". And mountaineering is no exception. It is certainly not one of the most expensive sports, but you certainly do not expect to be able to handle a few dollars, especially if you should dedicate yourself to mountain climbing and, most importantly, to practice it safely.


If climbers expect something from their clothes, above all it is unlimited freedom of movement. The second characteristic that every climber appreciates in clothes is mechanical strength. And the third (in) essential feature of mountaineering clothing is its appearance, which is quite characteristic and distinguishes you in the world as an alpinist.

Climbers usually only need a T-shirt, a T-shirt or a top and three-quarter pants or shorts. However, for those who prefer outdoor mountaineering, a T-shirt will not be enough on colder days. Especially if we take into account the fact that, according to experienced climbers, it is best to climb at temperatures around 10 ° C. And then you need a thin and functional microfleece sweatshirt. And don't forget to pack a waterproof jacket in your backpack in case of bad weather. All of these will cost you approximately from $200 to $500.


Climbing shoes are called espadrilles. And they are the most important thing that every climber should have. Choosing the right size, or even a tightening system, is essential to make climbing easier.

Climbers, espadrilles, unlike regular hiking boots, should not be larger than your foot. On the contrary, when you wear sneakers correctly for the first time, it looks more like a medieval Spanish shoe than a normal shoe. But don't be intimidated. We recommend that you seek advice from a dealer or someone who has experience with espadrilles. It will be best if you choose from the shoes indicated by the manufacturer or seller as beginners. They may charge you from $500 - to $1,000 depending on the shoe brand.

Technical equipment

The choice of equipment will largely depend on the type of climbing activity you want to engage in. In autumn and winter, the most popular "disciplines" of mountain climbing are bouldering on artificial walls. You can also climb outdoors, although, with declining temperatures and an increased likelihood of rainfall, these options will become less and less available. All this equipment may cost you from $1,000 to $5,000


If you plan to start bouldering, all you need are clothes, espadrilles, and a bag of magnesium, maybe pack a bouldering mattress and goodwill. Just remember that you can only use magnesium outdoors where it is allowed. Prepare from $500 to $900 for such things.

Climbing wall

If you want to "throw yourself on the wall", in addition to the bag already mentioned with "mg", you should also be equipped with a dynamic rope, a simple harness with a buckle at the waist, and an adjustable foot and do not forget the carabiner with the safety device. Outdoor climbing will also require an extra helmet to protect against falling safety fuses that need to be locked during the procedure, sewn loops, and loose carabiners with a lock to build a stand. Take out $200 from your whole budget for mountain climbing.

Equipment backpack

And finally, you have to pack all those "toys" into something. You can get either a backpack for climbing with a volume usually between 30-50 liters that will cost you approximately $300, or special bags for ropes. The choice is yours.